Boomerang Transport prides itself in adhering to the following Core Values-

• To adhere to the Millionaire Minute*
• To be client focused, and always strive to be the easiest company to work with
• To offer competitive pricing and unmatched quality for the industry
• To create a lifestyle company where all members of the organization are able to lead comfortable and happy lives and have passion toward the common goal
• To always ask ourselves ‘What is the right thing to do in this situation?’ and commit to doing the right thing


*The Millionaire Minute is a concept developed by the owners Wes Turner and JP Carlin which simply states that the road to success involves taking that extra (millionaire) minute to ensure that all work produced is of the highest quality possible.  Common examples are reading back over an email for correctness before sending, taking the time to accept and consider positive and negative feedback, and just in general completing tasks right the first time so they do not have to be redone.

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