Please watch this video to learn about the Craigslist project:

Follow up notes to the video:

  • Renewing the listings should happen every 3 days (if you are managing this aspect of it)
  • For the monthly 1-1 verification- Step 1 is delete all listings and repost them.  Keep track of what you have done using the Craigslist areas list document.
  • Step 2 is create new postings for any that are missing with you go through the deleting and reposting
  • Step 3 is the verification.  After 30 minutes has passed, look in each area to see if it has posted or not.  If the posting didn’t stick, go back to step 1 to start the posting over (hopefully it will stick this time!)
  • If it has not already been given to you, ask for access to the Craigslist document as well as the two Craigslist accounts.
  • The resp account is for postings under the Transportation Jobs category
  • The auto account is for postings under the Medical/ Health category

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