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**Note – Craigslist has changed the contact area. You will now select ‘No Replies To This Email’ instead of ‘Hide’**

**Note II -Under compensation, we now write ‘BoomerangTransport.net/Application’ to encourage them to visit our website as the compensation is thoroughly described there. **

**Note III – We have seen that it is now taking up to 2 hours for the postings to stick. If it is not live after 10 minutes, don’t fret! Check back later***

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Pay Scale:


  • $5 per live ad!
  • This amount will be paid out on your next paycheck, we pay every 2 weeks
  • Must send email to adam@www.boomerangtransport.net and include the following:

Your name-
Number of live postings-
Category for postings-
Amount of time (round to quarter hour) you spent on these postings-
Total amount you expect to be paid-
Screenshots of all live ads (be sure date bar is showing)-

Posting title templates (you can copy and paste):


  • Contractors Needed- Drive your own Vehicle
  • Provide rides to Dr. appointments
  • Authentic & Reliable Drivers Sought
  • Dependable and Devoted Drivers needed for Medical Transport
  • Personable and Prompt Drivers Needed
  • Capable, Careful, and Conscientious Drivers Needed
  • Motivated Motorists Sought for Medical Transportation Contractors
  • Tried and True Medical Transporters Needed
  • Caring and Conscientious Drivers Needed
  • Drivers Needed To Take Injured Workers To Their Dr Appts
  • Doctor Visit Driver Position
  • Medical Transport Driver- Use Your Own Car
  • Drivers Needed – Take Workers To Their Dr/PT Appts
  • Driver Need To Transport Injured Workers To Their Dr Appts
  • Driving Job – Use Your Own Vehicle
  • Medical Chauffeur Driver Needed
  • Drivers Needed – Patient to Dr Office Transporter
  • Open Driving Position- Use Your Own Car
  • Medical Chauffeur Needed- Use Your Own Car
  • Driving Injured Workers

Possible posting description template (*Update- for the lowest chances of ghosting, please read the info below and write your ad from scratch that conveys this general message. Be sure the ‘link’ of BoomerangTransport.net/Application is on your posting):


Boomerang Transport is a non emergency transportation company and is in need of more reliable drivers in your area. Our drivers take injured workers to their doctors/physical therapy appointments.Basic Requirements:

  • You will need to use your own vehicle (4 door sedan, SUV or minivan)
  • Be customer service oriented
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Have a GPS unit
  • Smartphone is a plus
  • Sorry no Pre-Paid cell phones, must have 2 year agreement with carrier
  • Must have current personal insurance policy
  • Must be quick to respond with communication to our dispatch team (rides are provided around 24 hours in advance)
  • Most importantly be reliable!

The company will also donate to a charity of your choosing on your behalf based on the number of miles that you drive. For full details and to apply please visit www.boomerangtransport.net/application


Link to spreadsheet (only accessible if you have passed training and been invited):




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