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To gain approval you must pass the quiz above with 100%, visit the page it sends you to, and follow the instructions to submit your first post for approval.  Only after you hear back that you are approved do you use this invoice procedure below.**

Pay Scale:


Your name-
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Email Response Template:


Dear Applicant-

Thank you for replying to the driver position. We only accept applicants through our website at

This webpage has a neat little video that will teach you what being a driver is all about. The video is embedded directly from YouTube, but might not play if your browser or flash player is not up to date, or if your internet connection is too slow, so be sure to check on those items if the video gives you any trouble. YouTube’s servers are very reliable so it is unlikely that it is an issue on that end. Thanks and we hope to hear from you soon-

Thank you-
Boomerang Transport


Posting title templates:


  • Driver Needed – Transports to Dr Appointments
  • Medical Transport Driver – Use Your Own Vehicle
  • Transporter for Dr Appointment Visits
  • Drivers Needed To Take Patients To Dr Appts
  • Transporter for Doctor Appointment Visits – Use Your Own Vehicle
  • Medical Driver Desired- Use Your Personal Vehicle
  • Attentive and Diligent Non Emergency Medical Drivers Needed
  • Non Emergency Medical Transporter – Use your own vehicle
  • Doctor Appt Drivers Needed
  • Committed Drivers needed for Medical Transport
  • Committed Drivers needed for Non Emergency Medical Transport
  • Dr. Visit Driver – Use Your Personal Car
  • Medical Chauffeur Driver Needed – Use Your Own Vehicle
  • Dr Appt Transport Driver – Use Your Own Car
  • Help Drive Injured Workers to Their Appointments
  • Reliable and Courteous Drivers Needed to Assist Injured Workers
  • Injured Workers Need You for Medical Transport
  • Chauffeurs Needed To Take Injured Persons To Their Dr Appointments
  • Medical Driver Wanted- Use Your Personal Car
  • Trustworthy and Devoted Chauffeurs required for Medical Transport

Posting body templates:







Image templates:


job posting pic3

job posting pic2

job posting pic1

job posting pic4



Link to spreadsheet (only accessible if you have passed training and been invited):


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