Chauffeur clients to physical therapy and physician appointments. This is non-emergency medical transport. Boomerang Transport is looking for dependable, friendly, seasoned motorists that can fulfill these qualifications:

Skill to greet clients with a warm, friendly, and helpful disposition.
Legal State driver’s license and current personal insurance policy
Have a GPS unit and be knowledgeable about the region.
Smartphone is helpful.
Ability to text often (when car is stopped)
Be able to quickly reply to our team of dispatchers, we try and schedule rides at least 24 hours beforehand.
Must have clean, late model auto, SUV or minivan- pickup trucks are not allowed and no major changes permitted.

Above all we need DEPENDABLE, friendly and courteous drivers.

We’re a strong charity supporter and will also make a charity donation in your name according to miles driven. This is paid by the company and will not come out of your wages.

Check us out on the web (see compensation) for further info and for an online application.

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