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Tired of the standard office job?  Consider one of the three positions below with Boomerang Transport.  Feel free to fill out an application for any one of them at any time, and we look forward to seeing you at the career fair:

6/4/12 from 11am-2pm
Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel
2800 Coliseum Centre Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217


Position 1- Driver Position

At Boomerang Transport our contracted drivers use their own vehicle to take medical patients to their doctor’s appointments. We transport patients all over the southeast region and assign rides based on location and driver performance.  Compensation is based upon loaded mileage (which starts counting once you have picked up the patient and does not include driving to get to the patient’s pickup location).  Please click on the link to learn more and fill out an online application: https://www.boomerangtransport.net/application/.


Position 2- Hiring Manager

Boomerang Transport is looking for a Hiring Manager. The Hiring Manager is responsible for screening applicants that will include but are not limited to coordinators, drivers, and vendors. This is a contract position and the pay is performance based.  We are looking for a person that is excited about working with a growing small business and can think outside of the box.  To learn more and apply online please visit https://www.boomerangtransport.net/hiring-manager/.


Position 3- Coordinator Position

Boomerang Transport is looking for a contract Coordinator. The coordinator is expected to schedule rides from our clients, assign a driver to each ride, and manage the ride to ensure completion.  To learn more and apply online please visit https://www.boomerangtransport.net/coordinator-position/.

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