Boomerang Transport was started by Wes Turner & JP Carlin, two friends that met each other in college.  They went on to fill a niche in their community by starting a designated driving service, Tipsy Taxi, that is mainly student driven and is still in operation to this day.

One day Tipsy Taxi received a call from a company who inquired to see if they would be able to transport a gentleman who was injured to his doctor’s appointment.  Wes & JP of course obliged, and in doing so realized that there was an opportunity out there for similar work.  Thus was born Boomerang Transport.

We like to think of ourselves as having a fun culture at Boomerang Transport and strive to create an environment where people enjoy what they do.  We throw an annual pizza party in Charlotte for all who can attend, and use every excuse to get together.

Our Story- People often ask, ‘What is the significance of the Boomerang?’ It all started in June of 2004 when one of the partners took a backpacking trip to Australia. He was awestruck with the beauty of the outback and the culture of the people. Citing this as his inspiration, he and the partners agreed that the symbol of the Boomerang accurately represented the round trip service they provide, and their commitment to excellence.

Call us today for more information at 704.266.6061, or send us an email.

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